Wednesday, July 05, 2006

What of Tony Blair's liaison committee meeting?

What from I heard of Tony Blair's performance at the liaison committee meeting, he does not understand how to beat terrorist groups.

He did however get it right when he said that the communities themselves need to root out extremists.

Where he got it wrong was implying that some grievances were false.. No, we live in a free country and we need to deal with people who have grievances.

We are told that many young Muslims are being radicalised by the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Clearly part of the reason for this is the absolute propaganda gifts handed to the enemy of Guantanamo bay, Abu Ghraib and some of the dafter pieces of "anti terrorist" legislation.

The moderates are the people to do the job, but they do need a hand, and silly point scoring by people like Charles Moore on Channel 4 news last night does not help much either.

We need to make the case that far from oppressing Muslims, the war in Afghanistan has freed Muslims from a very oppressive regime. We also need to do the same over Iraq, but we really do need to stop these propaganda disasters.

We need to make the case that we went into Kosovo and Bosnia to protect Muslims also, because I can assure you that Osama is not going to make that one for us.

As for Darfor that looks like turning into an allegedly anti Muslim thing as well. We need to point out our concern is about oppression, as it happens of Muslims.

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