Sunday, January 20, 2008

Has Obama beaten Clinton in Nevada?

The reason why I ask this daft question is that the process in Nevada is a Caucus not a vote, and it is the state delegates that count. Currently Obama is ahead!

You could not make this up!


Anonymous said...

It's interesting to see how this was reported, as I heard a few days ago that Clinton had actually lost despite what the papers were saying.

Benedict White said...

LettersFromaTory, Well, she seems to have won the popular vote by some way but not the number of delegates which is the issue I am concerned with.

Anonymous said...

So Benedict, it is happening exactly as predicted. What you gonna do about it?, place a bet, talk about something else. Is this a political blog, or is it something else?? The pigeons are coming home on the conservative failure to act as an opposition. Up yours!

firerobin said...

Yup, she won the popular vote, but Obama won the actual majority of delegate votes based on the geographical areas in which he won within the state. Crazy, huh?

I'm anxious to see what happens in South Carolina in a few days. Not to mention, how Florida plays out for the Republicans.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, Man thanks for your kind words!

Firerobin, yes, interesting system. It means my bookies owes me money.

Anonymous said...

Its really interesting that even though the Clinton had won the popularity over the Obama, but she can't able to get the deligate votes as many as he won, this shows the strength of the Obama.
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