Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross: Who thought that was funny?

I see that Russell Brand has resigned from his show on BBC Radio 2 and Jonathan Ross has been suspended.

This all stems from phone calls to Andrew Sachs' answering machine giving details of a liaison between Andrew Sachs' granddaughter Georgina Baillie.

This does leave some strange questions, like just who thought that was funny? Has Russell Brand no manners? After all he should not have discussed his relationship with Georgina Baillie in such terms with anyone, let alone use it to taunt her grandfather and then broadcast it.

Who at the BBC thought this was fit to broadcast? Why have they not been sacked yet?

The content of the BBC is becoming increasingly worrying, especially that aimed at children and the younger audiences. The latest CBBC logo animation features farting. Why? Dick and Dom is puerile and vulgar as well. Perhaps the attitude that allowed Russell Brand's show to be broadcast is endemic in the BBC.

The BBC has this.


Anonymous said...

I dont agree. Firstly was it not the BBC whom it seems your on their side in this argument, was it not them who published the broadcast. Everything broadcast goes through the BBC and obviously they didnt find it harmful. No it wasnt funny, and the BBC should have seen that. Two men whom are being payed large sums of money to make millions laugh..... why give out to them for a mistake, one mistake. When it was the BBC whom decided to broadcast the conversation. This has been spread all over the world, and why ? because people obviously have forgotten about the recession, climate change, the large amount of people in the world whom are homeless, and about the people in the world who die every 3 secounds.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, I made no comment about whether Jonathan Ross or Russell Brand should have been sacked or suspended merely that they had. That said I do think they are way overpaid. What I sis say was "Who at the BBC thought this was fit to broadcast? Why have they not been sacked yet?"

It seems from your comment you agree.

Mo said...
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Anonymous said...

Just switch off.

Anonymous said...

I just posted about the show Coming of Age on BBC3... take a look and see what you think.