Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Is America about to elect its own version of Tony Blair?

I must say I am amused that so many British Conservatives seem to like Barack Obama. To me he is exactly like Tony Blair. I could just see a victory rally for Obama featuring the song "It can only get better", except that as we have learnt here it didn't.

That said Carl Rove seems to be predicting a landslide for Obama according to Channel 4 news. This is not good news.


Anonymous said...

Ah, but it DID get better here under Blair. But how short our memories are.

And so many like Obama? Well, so many liked Blair too, starting with Cameron.

As for me, I didn't vote for Blair, but would now, now that I understand better all he did and what he was about. And what he was prevented from doing by the present prime minister.

I think Obama is an empty suit, with Blair's facility to communicate but no vision or real idea of the "change" he keeps on about.

They are voting for him for the wrong reasons, in my humble opinion.

I heard a recent radio recording where McCain's policies were presented to voters as Obama's - staying in Iraq, against stem cell research etc. The voters all said they agreed with Obama and "his" policies!

Repeat: They are voting for the wrong reasons.

Give me McCain any time.

Wayne Schwartz said...

Not good at all. In fact, quite scary for everybody who loves freedom. If you get a chance check out http://thelibertytribune.blogspot.com/