Monday, April 13, 2009

Were Derek Draper and Damian McBride lying?

Daft question I know, but Nadine Dorris has been on the BBC and GMTV pointing out that the smears against her have been put to her by national newspapers. The implication is that they have already spread, possibly from either Derek Draper or Damian McBride. If so their position that those emails never saw the light of day is a lie.

The other curious thing is the way that people who normally support Labour do actually blame the malevolent Gordon Brown. See Jackie Ashley in the Guardian here talking about Gordon Brown´s vicious side.

The laughable thing is hearing Alan Johnson saying it was not Gordon Brown´s fault. Yeah right. Gordon Brown´s right hand man is doing dirty things for his master, and Gordon not only did not know (not particularly credible) but did not create the atmosphere in which this happened. Clearly Jackie must think that is as much rubbish as I do.

Guido has this, the BBC has this.

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