Sunday, February 17, 2008

Northern Rock to be nationalised!

The Northern Wreck is to be nationalised. Apparently the two bids left on the table, by Richard Branson's Virgin group and the management did not guarantee enough of our tax payers money.

This does rather beg the question though, why did we pour such a large amount of money into a bottomless pit in the first place and why did Gordon Brown remove the power the Bank of England hand to restructure a failing bank quickly as it did do to Johnson Matthey Bank. Labour complained at the time, but the action was swift and effective. (See here).

So now we are into the Northern Rock for at least £60 billion.

Labour isn't working.

The BBC has this.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Mitt Romney endorses John McCain!

Mitt Romney has not only backed Senator John McCain, but he has asked his delegates to vote for him. If they do, the race is over. John McCain has won.

This will also help John McCain get more votes.

Meanwhile Hilary Clinton is still trying to stab Barrack Obama in the back, the front, in fact anywhere she can get him but it isn't working. All it is doing is helping John McCain.

Monday, February 11, 2008

The Strong arm of the Lawyer!

I like amusing headlines. This one appears half way down this BBC article about a lawyer who's husband had just been convicted and jailed on drug offences.

The lawyer went up to the female prosecutor and "shook her hand" so hard that she is being prosecuted for assault.

Rowan Williams: You know when you have said the wrong thing!

Rowan Williams is still being attacked on the front pages today, for example there is this in the Times.

I have not commented on this for two reasons. Firstly I have been busy, and secondly I am not sure what he actually said. What is more I doubt the people who are shouting the loudest know what he said either. Politics doesn't work like that. You say something then people comment on either what they would have liked you to have said or what they think you have said, whilst putting the worst interpretation on it.

Reminds me of the the story of the man who did many great things but is only remembered for what he did with a goat.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sorry about the lack of posts, I am back to dealing with things.

Sorry about the lack of posts, I am back to dealing with things. In particular things of a legal and litigious nature.