Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The burning injustice of discrimination?

Apparently according to Theresa May our country is rife with the burning injustice of discrimination!

The BBC duly did a report, here, which highlights some of the disparities that are unjust.

The key point is, if you read the BBC report, we live in a Chinese supremacist society, where Bangladeshi and black people are discriminated against compared to Pakistani, white and Indian people in home ownership.

I can't quite fathom why this country discriminates against white people on favour of Chinese but the statistics don't lie... unless it's all just dangerous race baiting nonsense that is going to drive us towards the sort of divisive race politics that is prevalent in the USA.

The reality is that there are a whole bunch of reasons for disparities between groups of people and their outcomes. Some are down to educational drive, some down to the way a community operates and others down to how divisive race politics withing communities has led those communities to believe they will be discriminated against which in turn leads to bad choices which then leads to bad outcomes.

A case in point is the Lammy report which found out that black suspects don't take their lawyers advice to plead guilty (why would they, the lawyer is racist so trying to get them treated unfairly) that otherwise similar white suspects take resulting in no discount for a guilty plea for black suspects but a discount for black.

This is important. If you think you are a victim you behave in a way that makes things worse. Stop being a victim.

The Spectator also has this and this both of which are very interesting.