Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Women being abused on the internet?

I have just listened to Caroline Criado-Perez again talking about internet abuse as a women's issue. Saying that women who wish to get involved in the political debate are being shut down... She even implied that Isabella Sorley had been abusive because she was probably brought up in a misogynist environment.

Well, there are a few home truths here..

Abuse happens on the internet. It isn't pleasant, clever or nice. It would be nice if it stopped, but it isn't directed at women. It is directed and men and women.

Anywhere there has been interaction in an um moderated way on the internet there is always some sad sorry individual who will happily issue all sorts of abuse, including death threats. Where such places are moderated those death threats tend to go to the moderators. I know, I've had a few as well as an on and off stalker.

So, Caroline Criado-Perez, stop trying to monopolise internet abuse as either your own personal cross, or a mostly women only cross, it's a cross we all have to bear and the police devote relatively little resource to dealing with it who ever you are.

The BBC has this.