Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Muslims are being killed every day!

According to a clip from a "martyrdom video" shown on Channel 4 tonight.

There are about 1.4 billion Muslims world wide, so it seems to that it would be statistically unlikely that anything else would be the case. After all people are dying all the time from car accidents, falling of ladders and all sorts of other things, including being murdered by criminals.

I doubt that was what they were talking about though.

So what were they talking about? Iraq and Afghanistan? Surely not. The majority of the deaths of Muslims there are at the hands of people who allege they are Muslims.

John Snow did a very interesting interview with a former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir. John Reid gave a speech warning Muslim parents of the danger of brainwashing. The former member of Hizb ut-Tahrir did not like the term because it seems to remove responsibility for the actions of the "brain washed" from them. He thought that was wrong, because we are all responsible for what we do. I have to say he made a lot of sense. We could do with the media interviewing more people like him.

I noted the heckling at John Reids speech. The silent protest was OK, but the heckler reminded me of the sort of bully boy tactics used by the hard left of the Union movement and of course the fascists.


Lucyp said...

Hi - I just stumbled across your blog. I am interested in reading the views of a conservative party member who should be my ideological opposite. Any plans to put your thoughts of Dave Cameron on your site?

Benedict White said...

Well, having had a quick peak at your blog, I can see we are in many ways ideological opposites, as I am a meat eating war mongering (where it is appropriate and necessary) who believes in liberty, in particular I do not see the case for banning fox hunting.

Presumably however there are some things with which you do not strongly disagree. In all things there is much more to agree on than to disagree about.

As for David Cameron, I had no plans as yet to give my thoughts yet, as all I have to say right now is "brilliant".

Lucyp said...

I look forward to engaging with you Benedict on future topics, whether we agree or not. I am always on the look out for intelligent debates with political opposites.
For the record, I am no fan of the Conservatives but i have to admit that David Cameron and his "Liberal Conservatism" with the move away from the right and towards the centre left is striking lots of chords with my circle of left leaning friends. His green criteria is especially welcome.

Ellee said...

I guess we are all "brain washed" to an extent, it just depends whether you agree with it, the danger is when it is fanatical. I understand what John Reid was trying to say, but it didn't work mega time.

Glad you have found a new fan.

Benedict White said...

Lucy, Thanks for the comments.

As for Cameron and indeed the conservative party, I don't think it is right to look at it in a right left view. It is true that almost anything we did in the early 80's could have looked right of centre, and the liberal market reforms certainly were right of centre.

However in terms of the big two parties you currently have a choice of centre rightish ibertarians verses loony fascist authoritarian scum doing there level best to destroy our democracy. (I am not Tony's biggest fan) So I can see why he looks attractive.

I do think the Conservatives are more pragmatists than ideologues, able to pick what ever we want from any part of the political spectrum if it works.

Benedict White said...

Ellee, the issue of comparative brainwashing is an interesting one. John Reid did need to say something, but he also needs to make sure we do not have an incedent like Forest Gate where after having got it wrong, the police seem to have set out to assassinate the charicter of the now known to be innocent suspects.

Anonymous said...

Benedict, most of the comments on your blog are from you. Fact. Sad fact.

Benedict White said...

Anonymous, I tend to reply to those who have left comments. I think it is manners, obviously you think manners are sad.

That says a lot more about you than it does about me.

Lucyp said...

I wonder why anonymous chose to be anonymous to make his accusations? Seems a bit cowardly.

Benedict White said...

LucyP, Think of it as political vandalism by the intelectualy challenged.