Saturday, September 09, 2006

Where is the battleground?

Whilst Labour are currently fighting like rats in a sack, missing the point that if you are going to have a coup, get it over with quickly, many particularly on the right are wondering what exactly is the difference between Labour on the left and the Conservatives on the right?

After all isn't being a Conservative about low taxes and a small state?

Isn't Labour about a large state and close control?

Well, here is an article from Prospect magazine, which deals with the differences in attitudes and it is stark. It is a long article, and a bit boring, but please read it. It is worthwhile to understand where us Conservatives are coming from.

We may be huddled together, but do not mistake that for fundamental agreement, think of it as hand to hand combat rather than the long range missile strikes the right and left used to get into.

The fight between left and right is as fundamental as ever. It is between the state minutely micro managing peoples lives to solves what it sees as today's problems, and empowering individuals and groups of people to run their own lives.

It is about building a society that is not the same as the state, rather than the left looking to replace society with the state.


CityUnslicker said...

I agree that heere is a difference between the party in ideologu. The problem I am struggling with at the moment is that Cameron, in a sensible electroal gambit to get elected, is promising that the Tory Givt will stick to most labour policies.
This is a big mistake, Hague was much better on this. I know he got thrashed but we were always going to be in 2001. I hope DD and Hague can restrain Cameron/Gove/Vaizey from their wilder socialist proposals.

Benedict White said...

Well I am not sure which Labour government policies you are worried about us keeping.

As for socialist policies, again which ones to you think are socialist?

Ellee said...

And yet people increasingly think there is a barely visible dividing line between Labour and Conservative - your last para said it all.

Benedict White said...

Mnay thanks Ellee.

It is a difference. Some people on the hard right talk of "individual responsibility" in a way that says thats your lot, its your fault. That is hard right Liberalism, deep orange bookish.

Conservatism is about empowering people, helping people up.

Conservatives dislike poverty, not the poor. However micro management does not help.

Benedict White said...

I also meant to say Ellee that of course labour has moved far more towards us than we have toward them.