Friday, October 27, 2006

The NHS's best year ever!

If you didn't laugh you would cry.

This rubbish was peddled by the Labour Governments other minister for Incompetence (and health) Patricia "I have not got a clue" Hewitt. You can read the BBC's article here, an unsurprising rebuff from David Cameron, leader of the Conservative party here, and the nurses not being entirely in agreement with Hewitt here.

There is a story in this weeks Mid Sussex Times, about an 8 year old boy Joe, from the same town as I, and his experience when he broke his arm.

In summary, it took 20 hours to treat him, he faced 3 trips in an ambulance, being kept waiting in the middle of the night for a bed, so he had to wait in a wheel chair, and also being kept next to a man talking about committing suicide and how he had been raped. A and E in Brighton is in chaos.

These sorts of incidence are not isolated. We get to hear of people rushing into maternity to give birth only to find there are not enough beds available as well as other similar incidents on a regular basis.

The reason for this is that the Princess Royal Hospital at Haywards Heath, a fairly new purpose built facility serving the constituencies of Mid Sussex, Arundel and South Downs, and Lewis, is suffering the death of a thousand cuts having already suffered ward closures as well as losing its A and E.

You can read the article in the Mid Sussex Times here.


Anonymous said...

I have found two sides to the NHS. Four years ago I suffered a very serious heart attack and was taken to Huddersfield Royal Informary where apparently my heart had stopped completely and paddles were used to kick-start me. During my time there I was fitted with a temporary pacemaker, then a permanent one. The Doctors and Nurses were absolutely fantastic, the service I got was first-class and I felt in such safe hands that there was no doubt I would make a recovery. Nothing was too much trouble. When I came out of hospital one of the first thing s I did was cancel my private insurance. This is the staff side of the NHS.
The Government and administration side is completely different. In Huddersfield all maternity facilitioes have either been moved orwill be moved to Halifax. The distance between the two is 6½ miles. This is centre to centre. The Huddersfield catchment area to the south is another 6 miles. In an emergency a pregnant woman, perhaps heavily in labour has 12½ miles to travel to the maternity unit and this also takes in negotiating Huddersfield town centre.
The Government have got no idea about the organisation of the NHS. There is so much money wasted in the NHS with administrators, many of which haven't a clue what they are administrating, managers, their assistants and incompetent outside agencies. Cut the waste and the NHS will move into a financially stable condition - it will take a few years but it can be done. "The NHS.s best year yet" I'd hate to be around when it has it's worst.

Benedict White said...

I would agree broadley with what you said, but our maternity services look set to be worse which is sad. The maternity unit is still open but they want to close it. That puts us further than 12 miles away and the PRh has catchement areas even further away.

This government has been a disaster for the NHS, in terms of the amount of money it has spent, it seems to be provided less services. Very strange.