Thursday, April 17, 2008

So are we in for more exam chaos?

It seems the managing director of Edexcel, Jerry Jarvis has expressed some concerns over the preparations for the new diploma system which is due to start in September, in this article in the Guardian.

Apparently the IT system that it relies on has not as yet been fully tested, and teachers have received limited training. Also it seems the establishments which are to teach them have not as yet got the guidance they need on how to teach them.

On the other hand we have had Mike Tomlinson, the former inspector of schools, and the schools minister have been on the radio saying that all is well. Firstly they say that the scheme is small, not across the whole country. Colleges who are to teach them have been vetted and teachers have been organised into self help groups.

Well, it is difficult to tell what is right. We will only know it two years time though once people start sitting exams. Experimenting in this way with children's education does concern me though.

The BBC also has this.

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