Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Lunatics* have taken over the Asylum!

*To be fair I am being very harsh on lunatics, they can't be this mad!

Apparently under the junk food advertising ban, things like Marmite, honey and raisins can't be advertised to children on the grounds of their nutritional value per hundred grammes.

Have you ever ever seen any one open a jar of Marmite and seen them consume the lot wit a spoon? I thought not. In a sandwich, on Rivita or crackers maybe, with cheese (though you can't advertise that either) even which you also can't advertise to children apparently.

Nevertheless, McDonald's can still sponsor programs and promote their brand as long as they do not mention any products.

This is the utterly ridiculous result of government regulation. Despite pleas from the food industry OffCom are standing firm as a complete and utter bunch of loonies.

The Telegraph has this.

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