Monday, December 01, 2008

Sharon Shoesmith sacked!

Sharon Shoesmith, Haringey head of children's services has been sacked with immediate effect according to Ed Balls the children's minister, after what he has described as a devastating interim report into the death of baby P, who as you will know died of persistent horrific long term abuse.

Makes you kind of glad she did not resign. I do hope she does not get some kind of massive payoff.

I am also pleased, that unlike Gordon Brown, Ed Balls has not tried to use this case for party political advantage but seems to have done the right thing.

The BBC has this.

More later when the situation is clearer.


Anonymous said...

She is on full pay pending an investigation.
Full pay for having allowed that kind of suffering to a baby. What happened to accountability?

Dungeekin said...

Unfortunately, Pravda got a little ahead of themselves (as your anonymous commenter pointed out)...

The worthy Mzzz Shoesmith is suspended on full pay. Nice little hols at taxpayer expense, in other words.