Sunday, February 15, 2009

Is this the end for Jacqui Smith?

Jacqui Smith, the alleged Home Secretary has been in some difficulties over her claiming that her main home in her constituency is in fact not her main home and she really lives with her sister in London.

The Mail On Sunday blows this apart in this article.

The nub of Jacqui's problem is this: She claims that her main residence is her sisters house, some of her neighbours say that she is not telling the truth. They say they can tell when she is in residence by the armed police presence and that that only occurs from Monday mid day to Thursday mid day most weeks, hardly any weekends and crucially not during the parliamentary recess. The thing is this goes directly against what Jacqui Smith has been saying. If these allegations are true, then Jacqui has to be toast. Not only losing her cabinet position, but possibly having to pay back substantial sums in allowances and then going on to electoral defeat.

What I can't understand about this is how she thought she could get away with it? Did she think no one would notice? It is not like she travels incognito after all.

Needless to say the BBC appears not to have anything on the subject, though it does have this on David Cameron's reaction to the affair from last week.


Craig Dylan - The Abstract Gaucho said...

In response to the title of this post: LETS HOME SO!!!! She is a truly ghastly individual and thoroughly incompetent Home Secretary.

Craig Dylan - The Abstract Gaucho said...

Lets HOPE so!!

Anonymous said...

I think the problem with modern politicians is they genuinely believe that rules and regulations are just for the plebs. So long as they follow the 'spirit' of the rules, then they are okay. I truly hope this one goes all the way so that we can demonstrate that this is NOT the case.