Sunday, July 05, 2009

Hitler got things done?

The Sunday Times have conducted an interview with Bernie Ecclestone in which he apparently laments weak leaders and says that Hitler got things done. He also says that Saddam Hussein should not have been overthrown because he was the only person who could hold the country together.

Oh dear.

Well it is true that Hitler got things done, one of which was to get Germany totally destroyed, and divided for 46 years.

He may well have made the trains run on time* but if it is a choice between punctual trains, and living in fear of a knock at the door in the middle of the night, frankly, I'll walk to work if that's all the same to Bernie.

The Saddam comment is also illustrative. He held Iraq together with nothing but fear. I would rather be free in a wreck of a country than live in constant fear in a "perfect" one.

*I have no idea if he did, but it is often said.


Anonymous said...

Hitler got elected .- By a people oppressed by recession , crime and impending communism.
Always good to remember the results of democracy.

Martin S said...

Nobody complained about late trains when Hitler was in power. They were probably too scared to complain.

Cadiz said...

The Nazis were not terribly efficient, rather the reverse.

Their soldiers were able to defeat far better equipped opponents, most German tanks during the invasion of Russia, were armored prams.

Trains in Nazi Germany tended to be late because of enemy action.

Anonymous said...

They were probably too scared to complain.....

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Unknown said...

Most German tanks during the invasion of Russia, were armored prams..
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HitersPants said...