Thursday, May 27, 2010

This coalition is like a camel!

This coalition is like a camel.

Some say a camel is a horse designed by committee because it is ugly, cantankerous and uncomfortable to ride.

Thing is though..

When the US cavalry tried camels over horses, they moved faster because the camels could carry all their supplies, the horses needed supply wagons which moved slowly, whilst camels were as effective as horses in battle.

Top that off with the fact that we are in a desert, what would you rather have? A horse or a camel?

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Anonymous said...

Fistly, let me state my appreciation for your blog.

However I think Camels would fare badly in Westminster. I would prefer to call the coalition a Cami-knicker coalition

* Soft
* Silky
* Frilly
* Smooth
* Easily torn
* Made for tarts
* Full of tarts
* Barely cover unmentionables
* Impractical for normal use
* Contribute to those involved getting shafted