Friday, May 06, 2011

Mid Sussex massive win for Conservatives!

We have taken wards that were safe as houses for the Liberal Democrats!

In short, Conservative hold in Mid Sussex with increased majority.

More later.

Update. 19:57.

So far the Conservatives have 40 seats, Labour 1 and the Liberal Democrats 7. That looks like 14 losses for the Liberal Democrats.

Update 23:01

Final result:

Conservatives: 45 (+15)

Liberal Democrats 8 (-15)

Labour 1 (No change).


Burgess Hill Webteam said...

Congratulations to the Conservatives. They were the best party, no question about that. One day I dream of being a Conservative district councillor.

Benedict White said...

Well they were in this election. We will see next time.

If you want to join, join.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic result!!

Anonymous said...

I used to love the Tory party and all that it stood for - until today:

Clearly now they just stand for rapists, and the innocent members of the public can no longer live in safety.

This party has become beneath contempt.