Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Milly Dowler: Boycott News International!

I have a very very low opinion of journalists, from the fantasist (Robert Fisk) to the great fictional writers (Johann Hari), the faux I hate the privileged, but privately educated immensely privileged and overpaid staff at the Guardian, the venal distasteful tabloid journalists and not forgetting the editors on all media who decide what sells papers and frequently decide what the news is and fit the facts to the story not decide what the story is based on the facts.

I was not prepared to have such a low opinion and low expectations lowered still let alone by the degree and manner of the Milly Dowler phone hacking story (Lest we not forget, reported to us by the over privileged, over paid Champagne socialists at the tax dodging Guardian media group).

Lets get this straight. They hacked a 13 year old girls mobile phone message service. Just how low can you go? They deleted messages when the mailbox was full, possibly interfering with a police investigation, in order to get fresh copy to sell more newspapers. This action caused the family to have hope where there was none, and may well have diverted the police investigation.

This is behaviour more disgusting than even I could have imagined. Not surprisingly none of the tabloids mention this on their front pages, because one suspects they would have done the same, if that is, they did not try.

So I call for a boycott of all News international outlets, especially the newspapers, The Sun, The News of the World and the Times (and the Times on Sunday) and if possible Sky News.

I would also ask people not to buy any tabloid. They have kept silent on the phone hacking story, I suspect because of a guilty conscience.


Edward said...
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Edward said...

Pity you chose to air your own political prejudices before getting to the main point. Do you seriously believe that Guardian journalists are remunerated any more handsomely than their counterparts at the News of the World, the Sun, the Times?

Lest you think I am a Guardian reader let me disabuse you of that idea; I regard all journalists as hacks though it would appear that some at the Guardian are slighly less ethical than their Tory counterparts.

However most politicians are unethical and corrupt and I am suspicious of those who blog in partisan support. Your demand for a boycott would seem more genuine if it wasn't that all of these newspapers were political supporters of the Tories who have cultivated their relationships with this unethical scum. Your schoolboy prejudices about Fisk, Hari and Guardianistas are merely designed to deflect attention from that issue.

Rather than a boycott of Murdoch's empire how about demanding that Jeremy Hunt kicks his demands into the long grass? That would cause real reflection on the part of the Dirty Digger.

I expect you will delete this message. Prove me wrong

Benedict White said...

Scratches head? I see Edward that you have removed your own post, having finished it "
I expect you to delete this message. Prove me wrong"

Well, if you don't want others to read it what do you expect me to do?

You start your rant...(If you want to rant, get your own blog, don't use mine, it's bad manners) with: "Pity you chose to air your own political prejudices before getting to the main point."

No. The main point is that journalists are a despicable bunch, print journalists double so, and tabloid journalists double that... and I did not think they could go any lower.

If you read this blogs articles, I am no fan of any main stream media, reserving most opprobrium for the Daily Fascist (It styles itself as the "Daily Mail"), News International and the Guardian media group but all for different reasons.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

YES, DO IT! Set up a facebook campaign, email your friends a circular, email a press release to other newspapers to encourage others to join, radio stations (talk ones like LBC etc) and tv too (and post up on web forums and beneath the hacking story on newspaper websites)... and maybe people will complain to advertisers who advertise in The Sun and Times, celebrities who do exclusives with and columns with them...