Monday, November 21, 2011

Police don't investigate Tory activist not calling woman a whore shocker!

Police are apparently not investigating a Conservative activist (me) for not calling Nabila Ramdani a whore. That said you would not get that impression from the article on line at the Evening Standard here currently titled "Police investigate after Tory activist tweets woman is 'whore'" though its previous title which was even more defamatory towards me has been changed , or presumably from their paper edition.

What does appear to be true (though I am only taking Associated Newspapers word for it) is that the police/police watchdog are investigating why the police are not investigating. (Presumably because there is no crime, for there is none made out).

This stems from Nabila Ramdani presumably being short of work and therefore looking to raise he profile as some kind of victim of hate, misogyny and racism, which of course she is not.

I will start with the context, for here context is key.

I had been following the Libyan situation on twitter, primarily because it was the only way to keep up once the main stream media had got bored with it.

Nabila Ramdani kept on popping up as being some kind of Middle East/North Africa expert (Which she obviously isn't) and discussing the state of Libya as the war with Gaddafi raged. She took the position that in essence Libya would fall into chaos, tribal warfare etc without Gaddafi, that it was beset by tribal issues and so on. By implication it would be better if Gaddafi stayed.

Many Libyan's following the situation and I on twitter noted her "expert opinions" and from their knowledge denounced her statements. On the 20th of October Gaddafi was captured and then either executed or died of his injuries. On the same day Nabila Ramdani popped back up saying that maybe Gaddafi deserved it and her tone changed.

In this context I tweeted:

@LibyaNewDay @NabilaRamdani Yes... but she did say #Gaddafi getting it was his fault... maybe she isn't getting paid any more.

and @LibyaNewDay tweeted (which I retweeted)

@BenedictMPWhite Exactly what I was thinking, @NabilaRamdani has toned down her love of Gaddafi. No more paypacket #Gaddafiwhores

You can see the relevant time line here.

What is clear is that at no point did I tweet that Nabila Ramdani is a whore, and the tweet I retweeted had the hashtag #GaddafiWhore which clearly implies a non sexual use of the term in this context.

I will do some more digging later and add to this article.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you just shut up you inadequate little nobody. If you had any women close to you in your life (wife, girlfriend, sister) you would know that you don't call anybody a 'whore', no matter what the circumstance. Ugly people like you disgrace humanity. You are revolting. Shut up.

Benedict White said...

Ah. Intellectual debate.

If you had read the above you would have realised that I did not call anyone a whore. Perhaps I presume to much upon your average internet user. (Ability to read before spouting rubbish).

Anonymous said...

Your macho cyberspace arrogance is despicable.

Lots of people are learning about your ugliness.

I am watching Mrs Ramdani on Al Jazeera now - she is eloquent, educated, and was in Libya at the start of the rebellion. Yet she threatens your no hope internet world, and your 'imaginary' friends.

Have you ever met the women-hating trolls who you re-tweet and laugh with? - of course you haven't. You don't 'do' real people do you - you are just plain nasty. Nasty and lonely.

You are not a member of the Conservative Party either. I've been a proud of member of the party all my life, and feel tainted even communicating with you. If you disagree with other people, engage in rational argument and show respect, whoever they are.

I am so so ashamed that people like you treat visitors to our country with such disrespect.

And before you start insulting me, I'm a woman who just wanted to let you know what I think as a one off. I traced your sad little blog (no previous comments) through Twitter and won't be coming back.

Benedict White said...

I see there has been one anonymous commentator commenting twice.

Anonymous sock puppets? Nice.

Benedict White said...

It gets better, both sock-puppets posted via a the same French ISP.

Curiouser and curiouser.

manwiddicombe said...

You have to laugh at the irony of an anonymous troll throwing ad hom attacks at the author of this blog. Especially when the author of this blog uses his real name. And that's before the spurious, ridiculous, inaccurate claims.

But then there seem to be a lot of those around lately.

Anonymous said...

To the anon lady, err you talk in high esteem of
Mrs Ramdani, a member of her fan club maybe. As I read it following this blog you started the rain of insults on this chaps blog. He, apparently has been the one who has been miss quoted by the mainstream press. Would it be constructive to actually do the research yourself before pining out insults yourself.

I have believed for a long time that you do need to take in different avenues of the press as they do get it wrong and hardly ever correct themselves.

AliGTMG said...

Didn't get any of your previous comments on twitter...I'm still waiting the author of this report to reply to me...I won't give up and have e-mailed the 'editor'. Sorry to disappoint, my main gripe is the naming of innocent police officers who have no right of reply.

Benedict White said...

AliGTMG, good luck with editors. Almost no matter how wrong an article is they tend to stick by them. It took quite a lot of effort to get the Standard to row back from their position.

Out of interest, you have asked where the racism was. Were you already familiar with the tweets she took to the police?

AliGTMG said...

Ms Ramdani has now blocked me on Twitter. Didn't follow the original. Merely commented on criticism of police action based on what was in her report which one assumes covers all aspects. Was there a reference to her 'immigration'? If so where?

Benedict White said...

AliGTMG, It is curious that she has done that, clearly she can rid herself of people she finds hateful.

No, what we have is a Libyan being incensed at her views on Libya (They are not capable of governing themselves without Gaddafi, see a later post of mine where I explain how Libyans might be upset) and hurling abuse, which by definition is not racist. After all one person of one ethnic origin calling another names isn't likely to be racist, me making a comment to him which he retweeted and then he replied to me in terms listed above which I retweeted.

I have assumed that @libyanewday is both male (she claims it I have no reason to assume otherwise) and indeed Libyan, but am not in a position to confirm either.

Anonymous said...

With all this stuff going back and forth and the reaction that Ms has come up with two quotes do enter into my mind.

1) "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

2) “Follow the Money”

KJ said...

The UK is so poltically correct these days it makes me want to vomit.

Well done Benedict for having the courage to post with your own name whilst these "trolls" bully you "bravely" yet anonymously for something you did not seem to do.

As for Mrs Ramdani she should get off her high horse. Who does she think she is?

Anyways keep the good work up man :)