Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama: The recovery starts today!

It has to be said that Barack Obama is one hell of an orator.

I can't think of an orator in his class, and boy are there some examples you can look at, like Winston Churchill or indeed Adolf Hitler.

In many ways Barack Obama has an easy skill with words. He can say nothing at all and yet inspire. Whilst I still like to see the substance, that is only half the battle. Changing the mood is the other half, and that can only be done with words and leadership. He has the words in spades.

What is more it looks like there will be no easy messages. For example he is clear to say that "government can only do so much".

Things will change tomorrow. George W Bush will be gone. Barack Obama will be President of the United States of America.

In that one moment the mood of America will change. It will become more positive. It will look to the future. Challenges will appear easier. The United States of America will have a spring in its step, one that has not been there for a while.

In that one moment, there is a chance, albeit only a chance, that America will start the long road out of gloom and in that will lift the rest of the world.

Its over to you Barack, good luck, and God bless. Do the best you can. My best wishes and the best wishes of all right minded thinking people are with you.

This really is a world changing event. And I am still a John McCain supporter.

Good luck America.


Craig Dylan - The Abstract Gaucho said...

Obama is a fine orator.

In fact, I'm watching his Boston 2004 speech on France 24 right now and watching it with the benefit of hindsight is hair-on-arm stimulating!


Anonymous said...

A great orator, does not a great leader make!

I regret that all the qualities that are needed for a candidate to win a modern U.S. election, may be the same qualities that prevent them from ever being a great leader.

His campaign was based upon "Change" and "Hope". What kind of "change"? He never said. I can think of a few leaders that based their bid for election on vague promises for change. As it turned out, the change wasn't so good.

McCain didn't tell people "what they wanted to hear". He was truthful about his position on each issue. I'd much rather have a candidate that I might disagree with on a few issues, providing I know where she/he really stands on all the issues. Instead of a candidate that is vague or panders to the press and the public.

Sam Swann said...

Indeed, Obama was able to offer inspiration to an America who was looking for a change of personnel in the White House. Sadly, many of us allowed this to eclipse a rather empty agenda on policy, one that has taken the US in a rather more Leftward direction than we expected would actually happen.

Sam Swann said...

Let's hope for a fresh-faced Republican resurgence in 2010.