Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Israel, Gaza, Hamas and the Truth!

You will not see Israel, Gaza, Hamas or the truth mentioned in the same sentence, or at least not by some one who is honest.

The fact is that there is wrong on all sides.

Yesterdays Today program had an interesting interview with both Tony Blair and Sir Jeremy Greenstock on the subject of talking to Hamas.

Then listen to the interview with Mark Regev at 7:50 on this link.

The problem we have is this:

Whilst it is true that Hamas are a nasty organisation, the fact is that Israel ignores UN resolutions of all sorts, and ignores international law all the time. I looked up the security council resolution about the 1973 Yom Kippur war once, but stumbled across the previous security council resolution which was about Israeli air force jets ordering a civilian airliner in Lebanese airspace bound for Beirut to land in Israel.

Israel is both a stranger to international law and resolutions of the UN security council. It can't claim that the latter is biased against it because the US can and will veto resolutions which it considers biased against Israel. (To be fair the the USA, quite a few proposed resolutions are).

The problem right now of course is that Hamas have "broken" a ceasefire that it and Israel where Israel has simply not met its obligations. That is no excuse for launching rockets aimlessly at any where let alone civilian areas, but there is also no excuse for Israel's continued blockade of Gaza.

When Israel wants to make peace it can. For a start, it can stop breaking international law. That would be a great start. Stop expanding settlements and stealing land. You would be surprised at how big a difference such a simple move make. It would be my preference that it did this in talks with the Palestinian Authority, as that would help the peace process more, but if Israel really does want peace (as opposed to merely saying it wants peace) then this is a minimum. Meanwhile, it seems bizarre that Israel moans about Hamas breaking international law whilst Israel has been doing it systematically for years.


Anonymous said...

Israel is an invader in that region of Palestinian , they shouldn't be there, ruling Palestinians, bothering and segregating them (in peace times)and now killing them... and the other countries watch as prostitutes.. how Israel is killing their Palestinian brothers.. how can this be understood ? It's not possible to understand... which is the muslim country which is sending gas and petroleum to feed the killing of their brothers ??? how can they do that ? Stop selling gas to Israel!!!! Do something about it please!!! The world can't see this any more... Israel should leave the region , they are just cruel invaders because without a doubt that country was always of the Palestinians ... and who would not fight against invaders ? Israel is an invader there, nobody knows where the jewish came from.... anyway the countries that are selling gas to Israel are prostitutes of lower rank watching their brothers being killing without saying a word ??? What type
of people is that ????? Delete Israel at once!

Louis said...

It is nice to see a conservative blog talk some sense about the middle east. It is a pity some of the other don't do some research instead of spouting the same old nonsense about "Israel's right to defend itself"

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes Hamas violated the truce should watch these videos:

Israeli official admist Israel violated the last truce:

UN Official in Gaza answers leading question about Hamas starting the current round of violence:

Gaza truce broken as Israeli raid kills six Hamas gunmenRory McCarthy in Jerusalem
guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 5 November 2008

Anonymous said...

How everyone can be supporting Hamas makes no sense to me. You're saying that a terrorist organization, who is attacking from civilian homes, is okay. The Jews were there from the beginning. Israel has been beaten up by attacks since it became a country. Everyone ignores the torture it has to go through, because of the media bias against it. Does anyone care about Sderot? How every minute kids are forced to run to bomb shelters? How they dream of a night where they can sleep peacefully without sirens?
Maybe Israel wasn't right in attacking Gaza after they broke a peace treaty and provoked Israel to fire at innocent people, they way others are doing. People trying to get around Israel's military by crossing the street with children, or hidden in fake ambulances, because they know that Israel wouldn't shoot at children or injured.
If Israel is constantly under attack because it is humane, then there is something wrong with the way the world fights.

Anonymous said...

A Jewish chap I know hit the nail right on the head with respect to these issues.

Those who choose to call this an Arab Jewish problem are trying to polarize the issue. It is a Palestinian Israeli issue.

Both sides for years have been at fault. However Israel has the “bigger bat” and therefore it should use it more carefully.

Israel should also realise that if you keep people under the sort of conditions that they are, they will revolt! If you take peoples land from them, they will react. If you stop them from trading lawfully, they will get upset. If you seek to humiliate somebody they will not like it. So when the average Palestinian reacts, think what may have caused that to happen!

A lot more TOLERANCE needs to be had on both sides!

I could go and quote history, but History is the past! Yes I could blame Europe for all the nasty things that have happened to the Jewish people in the second world war, I could go back further and look how the maps and deals were done in the early part of this century in EUROPE. But really where does that get us?

Today is today, and it is today’s problems as fair minded people seeking to live together in harmony that should be the guiding light!