Sunday, January 18, 2009

Decisive poll lead for the Conservative party

Two polls are out in the Sunday papers, one in the Sunday Times and one in the Independent on Sunday.

Both are covered on PoliticalBetting.

In short the Conservatives have between a 13% lead (YouGov in the Sunday Times, see PB here) and 9% (Comres in the Independent on Sunday, see PB here.)

In short, Gordon Brown's second bounce is well and truly over. We are talking landslide territory.


Craig Dylan - The Abstract Gaucho said...

The next election could well provide the Tories with a landslide, but I don't believe it will match Labour's 1997 electoral victory. In fact, I think Brown might get a re-bounce between now and election time and close the gap. I still favour a Tory victory though.

Craig Dylan - The Abstract Gaucho said...

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