Friday, March 27, 2009

Derek Draper, a demented man from a demented party!

Thus far, I have not commented on Derek Draper, and frankly the man is not worth spit, so I don´t know why I am now.

I listened to his comments on the Daily politics with Guido, (See the crown blogspot here) and he clearly does not get the Internet at all, in any way shape many or form.

The man is a pratt.

If you listen to the ¨round 1¨ of the interview you will here Guido challenging Derek ¨plonker¨ Draper over his funding and links to the Labour party. Of Labourlists funding,he said it was transparent, and a list of donors was published annually, and no he did not get funds from the Labour party. When pressed he did say he had union money, but insisted that people could look at the published list published annually... except of course that Labourlist has not been around for long enough to publish such a list yet.

So in the same sort of spinning that has it that Derek has a qualification in psychology from Berkeley* he then attacked Guido for his funding. As Guido had no money, where did he get the money to set up his blog, he must be in someones pocket!

Well, this just shows how ignorant Derek is. Guido´s blog, and indeed Iain Dale´s and mine cost nothing to set up. Not a penny other than my time. You see, the problem is that Derek just does not get the Internet at all.

*That assumes he has any qualifications at all in anything. If Derek Draper seeks to do work for you perhaps you should ask to see the qualifications he claims to have, and then go and check with the institution the paper claims issued them. He certainly did not study at Berkeley campus of the University of California. Guido has this.


Tom said...

Where do you think Guido, a recent bankrupt, gets money to do things like go to California for a T-shirt?

Benedict White said...

Miller, Guido is a discharged bankrupt, and my understanding is that one of teh ways he makes his money is from advertising revenue, another is from new investments. He is also married, so his wife may have some.

Nevertheless, your question avoids the key point which is that blogs are free to set up. Obviously Draper set up Labour list, spent quite a lot of someone elses money doing so, and does not want to tell anyone who's money he has spent yet. Presumably he is hoping he will not have to.

manwiddicombe said...

Now Now B!I believe that it is currently forbidden to mock the afflicted? Be nice to poor Derek Draper

Is it just me or is there a marked similarity to Joe Pasquale in both appearance and voice?

Anonymous said...

Draper is a muppet, a poorly educated muppet at that.

Guido Fawkes said...

Miller - that was six years ago. Still smearing me Tom.

Benedict White said...

Guido, he is Labour, it is what they do.