Friday, March 06, 2009

The Miners strike, 25 years on.

It seems there is much dewy eyed nonsense from lefties about the lovable miners and that evil witch Thatcher.

Lets get this straight.

There was no legally constituted miners strike, because there was no ballot.

What there was was an attempt by Arthur Scargill to topple a democratically elected government as the NUM and other unions had done before under both Labour and Conservative governments. Unfortunately for the miners Scargill was too thick to work out what those huge (5 million tonne) piles of coal around power stations were for.

So lets have no nonsense for those bullies who deemed no one could work on one mans say so.



The mining families went on strike in order to protect their community values and way of life. This in essence is a very "conservative" thing to do.

I was born during the miners' strike and grew up through that era of social and economic hardship.

My mining ancestry can be traced back to the 1890s and every generation has gone on strike and marched under banners.

It is my absolute right to be able to honour my cultural traditions and bring out those banners once again.

lady macleod said...

got it

Anonymous said...

Some people in power in the 1980s decided to call it a day on sociall wellbeing - a Prime Minister said "there is no such thing as society ...". For GOODNESS SAKE - look at wherer that greedy thinking has left us!

Miners and their families fought to maintain the fabric of community. If we had even a fraction of that common feeling today we wouldn't be in nearly the mess that you dreadful moneygrubbers created.