Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ken Clarke on inheritance tax

Apparently Ken Clarke has said, on national TV that perhaps raising the inheritance tax limit to £1,000,000 may not now be the priority it was because Labour have so trashed the public finances.

Fair comment, I say. I agree. I suspect a lot of people may have said the thing. The only problem is that Ken Clarke is in the shadow cabinet so should not have said it. It leaves the way open for attacks from Labour, and surprise surprise that is what has happened. It also has to be said that he need have said nothing now, after all it is not his brief.

Mind you I am amused that Lord Mandelson has piped up claiming that ¨the Tories are confused on tax¨.

Not something you could accuse Labour of, they know exactly what they want to do on tax, hence the 10p tax fiasco, which is to tax everyone until the pips squeak and the economy is bust.

The BBC has this.


manwiddicombe said...

When I read Mandleson's comment my first though was that Labour know exactly what they want to do with tax .. .. .. raise it ever higher. At least the Tories might just reduce the tax burden a little, although by the end of their last stint in power they'd raised tax 36? 38 times?

Neither party is 100% honest about tax.

Benedict White said...

Captainff, The Conservatives did raise tax when last in office, that said they also reduced the overall burden of tax. Where they really bombed was promising no tax increases in the 1992 election only to raise them in the next budget. That said, that was to start dealing with a ever growing budget deficit.

What Labour are now doing is raising public debt to a stupendous level that will take 20 years to pay off. In that sense, all bets are off. Mind you after this lot, the public are expecting unpleasant medicine, and will probably take it, provided it does not last too long and the pain is spread.

Hannibal King said...

i thought that the downfall video of ken and david was excellent, really said the frustration that we have with Blue Labour

Benedict White said...

Hanibal King, have you got a link?

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