Friday, May 08, 2009

Gordon Brown's cleaner and other expenses.

It appears that one mystery over data gone missing has been solved! Hooray!

At least we know where that disk with all MP's expenses claims has ended up. It is with the Daily Telegraph, unlike rather a lot of our personal data which the government and others have lost, to whom we do not know.

I would like to concentrate on Gordon Brown's cleaner, shared with his brother, who is of course a lowly paid senior executive of the French government owned (mostly) company EDF. This arrangement occurred apparently between 2004 and 2006, when it must be said that Gordon Brown's living arrangements were unclear. He obviously felt he should be living in Number 10 downing street (well actually he was, Tony bagged the bigger apartment at Number 11 as he had a bigger family), rather than number 11.

Hold on, this is some kind of joke isn't it? Gordon Brown has had a grace an favour house since 1997. He still has one.

How many jobs come with a tied cottage and the ability to claim half your brothers cleaning expenses? What is more, as Gordon Brown's brother Andrew Brown is a senior executive how come he isn't paying his own bills?

The BBC has this.


manwiddicombe said...

You're deliberately missing the point .. .. .. all of the claims were within the rules and therefore entirely permissible.

The idea that someone earning over £60kpa from their main job should have to fund a cleaner, or toilet seats, or bath plugs, or maltesers, or a VCR, or a DVD player or a gardener out of their own pocket is ludicrous.

Benedict White said...

I would have popped by today but I already had lunch and you were not about.