Thursday, May 28, 2009

Julie Kirkbride to stand down!

Julie Kirkbride is to stand down as an MP at the next election.

She was a good MP, but alas her position became untenable. It seems the expenses scandal is taking out both good and bad MP's. That said it is never good to over claim expenses and abuse the system. Blaming the system is no excuse either.

Apparently so is Margret Moran, the MP for Luton South.

The BBC has this.


James Burdett said...

Yeah it was inevitable, but the media have been atrocious in this. At least with Moran gone we will be spared Esther Rantzen!

manwiddicombe said...

She's taken the only possible route left open to her after the mounting pressure. I think she should have stood down when her husband did.

Benedict White said...

James, alas,and with regret, Esther is going to take further soundings in Luton South and so may still stand!

Captainff, yes that was the only option open. I also agree that she should have taken it when her husband did. However true her defence was, it was never going to stand up in the "court of public opinion".