Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Scientific Research center opens in Barnsley!

I bring you news, via Man Widdicombe, that a new research center into smoking, its affects and how often people smoke has opened in Barnsley.

Rather usefully this facility is co located in the Cutting Edge public house run by Kerry Fenton. So whilst you are assisting with research you can have a pint, and a cigarette obviously.

Man Widdicombe has the details, but basically the The Smoke-free (Exemptions and Vehicles) Regulations 2007 part 2 paragraph 9 provides as follows:

9.—(1) A designated room in a research or testing facility is not smoke-free whilst it is being used for any research or tests specified in paragraph (2).

(2) The research or tests that are specified are those that relate to—

(a) emissions from tobacco and other products used for smoking;

(b) development of products for smoking with lower fire hazards;

(c) the fire safety testing of materials involving products for smoking;

(d) development of smoking or pharmaceutical products that could result in the manufacture of less dangerous products for smoking; or

(e) smoking cessation programmes.

(3) In this regulation a “designated room” means a room which—

(a) has been designated in writing by the person in charge of the research or testing facility in which the room is situated as being a room in which smoking is permitted for research or tests specified in paragraph (2) and is a room for the use only of the persons who are required to supervise or participate in the research or tests;

(b) has a ceiling and, except for doors and windows, is completely enclosed on all sides by solid, floor-to-ceiling walls;

(c) does not have a ventilation system that ventilates into any other part of the premises or other premises (except any other designated rooms);

(d) does not have any door that opens onto smoke-free premises which is not mechanically closed immediately after use; and

(e) is clearly marked as a room in which smoking is permitted.

Now, I can see some trouble with this, but it is still good that someone is trying to get around this silly ban.

The Yorkshire post has this, The Sun has this and the Daily Mail has this.

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