Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Prince, the Architect and Chelsea Barracks

It is fascinating to hear the uproar in the world of architects because one Prince (the Prince of Wales) wrote to another about a building project and and got it canned.

The problem for the architects is that for the most part, it is they who are out of touch not the Prince.

There are many interesting new buildings about, some which fit well with their older neighbours and some which don't. However in an area of London like Chelsea barracks you want something to fit it. What Lord Rogers was proposing certainly did not fit that bill.

So well done to Prince Charles.

The BBC has this.

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Hadwin said...

They've just announced that a longlist of 14 possible architects has been drawn up. It won't be announced until next week, but unfortunately rumour suggests that it includes Allies & Morrison.