Sunday, June 21, 2009

Vanessa George, Angela Allen, female paedophiles and denial

Something that irritates me is the way that people like Harriet Harman discuss issues like paedophilia and domestic violence as an issue of wicked evil men, for we men all are wicked and evil.

However as I have noted in the past domestic violence is a two way thing, carried out by women as well as men, though that is seldom talked about and seldom taken seriously.

Suddenly we have two cases of alleged female paedophiles, Vanessa George and Angela Allen, both aged 39. The police are investigating.

I would like to assure readers that unless there was clear and unequivocal photographic evidence, the police would not investigate. They simply don't because every one knows women don't do this kind of thing.

Except of course that they do. Paedophilia is an aberration, but it is one that affects men and women, just as domestic violence does.

Curiously before both cases cropped up there was an interesting magazine article on the BBC website about female paedophiles. To show how much in denial some women are I will quote one respondents comments.
Hang on, I think we need to put this into perspective here. Female sexual abusers are very rare. I'm not saying we should ignore their existence and deny the victims but lets not whip up a media frenzy and start fearing every old lady on the bus who hands out sweets to kids.
The problem here is this: Sally (for that is her name) seems to think female paedophiles are very rare, yet we have had two turn up in a matter of weeks. Perhaps they are very rare because people are not looking for them? Do we know if they are rarer than male paedophiles or not, and if so, by how much?


manwiddicombe said...


Ok maybe not. Highlighting the similarities between men and women has never been a popular pursuit for those controlling the equality agenda .

Benedict White said...

CaptainFF (I only do that because it winds you up :) )

Yes, it does go against those trying to control the equality agenda. However it is important that people know these things!

Carolyn Spring said...

Female sexual abusers of children ARE rarer than men, but you are right to point out that they do exist. Some studies place the proportion of male to female perpetrators as high as 75-25%. Unfortunately the whole area is clouded by misinformation and misrepresentation. For expert opinion on the matter, I'd recommend reading Michelle Eliot's article "Female sexual abuse of children" available in the articles section of the website, which also provides many more articles which will debunk the myths.

Benedict White said...

Carolyn Spring: "Female sexual abusers of children ARE rarer than men"

How do we know? We have not got a clue because there are too many heads stuck in the sand!

Whilst there is no evidence to say they are more common, the problem here is as you say myths and disinformation. The same applies to domestic abuse as well.

That said many thanks for the links etc.

Cadiz said...

Harriet Harman was a pro-pedophile ( by endeavor) when I was campaigning against her in the late 1970s.

I don't think she has changed very much.

Sex crime ( in Britain) will mostly tend to be child pornography, that being the majority thing. Credit cards tell a story. On that, it is 99.9 percent males.

2) Opinion submitted to the National Council for Civil Liberties and made available to me at the time, when I was regularly attending meetings of the NCCL Gay Rights Sub-Committee.

(3) Letter from Harriet Harman, then Legal Officer of the NCCL, to Home Office minister Brynmor John, 25 April 1978.

So the pedophiles passed on their views to Harriet's office, and then she etc.

They were in the same office.

Benedict White said...

Cadiz, "On that, it is 99.9 percent males."

That only covers those who view the abuse not those who carry it out. If you follow the links on Carolyn Spring's name you will find studies that show a different story.

Jenny said...
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