Thursday, May 27, 2010

Drastic cut for armed forces!

There will be a drastic cut for our armed forces at 8PM on Friday the 28th of May!

I am having my hair, pony tail and beard cut off to raise money for Help for Heroes.

There will also be an auction to see who gets to cut my pony tail off.

It will now be at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Broad Street, Cuckfield in Sussex.

Please support our wounded servicemen and servicewomen.


Demetrius said...

With respect, I think that shirt could go as well.

Benedict White said...


subrosa said...

You may well find there's a reasonably handsome individual under all that.

Unknown said...

Is it just me - or do I detect an uncanny resemblance to DC under that hirsute visage?

Kelvin said...

Why raise money for people that choose to fight an illegal, immoral war against people that have never threatened us in any way? Better to campaign for an end to the war crimes.

Benedict White said...

Subrosa and Peter, many thanks! That said, no I do not look anything like DC!

Kelvin.. where to start?

1. They chose to serve, they do not get a say in which wars.

2. There is nothing illegal or immoral about the war in Afghanistan. What is more, if we just left then Afghanistan and Pakistan would become a danger to us.

Scott P said...

Do you have a Blog?

manwiddicombe said...

*cough* photos? *cough*