Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mid Sussex votes for positive campaigning!

After having posted the results of the Mid Sussex constituency in the General Election, I thought I would comment on my view of what it means.

The campaign run by Serena Tierney was frankly a nasty personal one attacking Nicholas Soames in disingenuous ways.

Well, that meant that the Liberal Democrats did squeeze Labour, but it also pushed up the Conservative vote by 4564, increasing Nicholas Soames majority and getting him over 50% of the vote.

I also note Serena Tierney's behaviour at the count. Her team had been working hard throughout the election and worked hard at the count.

Serena turned up half an hour before her result was announced, and left immediately afterwards leaving the Liberal Democrat activists to watch over the by election count on their own.

Contrast that with Nicholas Soames who arrived about the same time I did, around 11 PM during verification, and left when I did at 7 AM after the last result was announced.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing disingenuous about criticising an MP that only turns up for half the parliamentary votes whilst keeping down three other jobs. Check out Mr Soames parliamentary questions and you will see the minority were about Mid Sussex whilst many were about areas associated with his business activities.

Benedict White said...

There is when Liberal Democrat MP's are not required to vote even when whipped, and don't and when many Liberal Democrat MP's have second and third and some even forth jobs.

There is no principle there other than negativity.

What is more important is that the campaign was resoundingly beaten.