Sunday, March 16, 2008

Conservatives 16% ahead in latest poll as Labour drop to an all time low!

There is a YouGov poll in tomorrows Sunday Times which has the Conservative party on 43% (+3), Labour on 27% (-6) and the Liberal Democrats on 16% (No change). This is a good pol for us and terrible for Labour. It would give David Cameron a majority of 122 which is staggering.

There is also a poll by ICM in the News of the World which gives the Conservatives 40% (+3), Labour 31% (-3) and the Liberal Democrats 20% (-1). That would lead to hung parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party on 313 seats compared to 259 Labour.

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Anonymous said...

Benedict, yet again Cameron proves a voter winner. I am happy with the ICM polling figure rather than convinced by the YouGov one.
If you are in a good mood don't head to ConHom, Tim Montgomery and his ilk are at it yet again. No matter how hard you work for this party as a leader, never underestimate the determination of some to pull you back.
The Portillo programme on Thatcher was a timely reminder of just how toxic this kind of behaviour can be.