Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More dire news for Labour! 13% behind in a new ICM poll

According to a new poll in todays Guardian by ICM the Conservatives are 13 points ahead of Labour.

The Conservatives are on 42% (+2), Labour on 29% (-2) and the Liberal Democrats are on 21% (+1).

So it looks like firm swings to the Conservatives and Boris Johnson is ahead in the London Mayoral elections.

The only thing we Conservatives have to fear is complacency. That said we need to be fiscal Conservatives before tax cutting ones. The state of the public finances is horrific.

Politicalbetting has this
whilst Iain Dale has this.

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Anonymous said...

These polls are all fixed by Bernie Eccletone's and Richard Branson's godchild!

Benedict- long time no see on pbCOM.