Friday, October 03, 2008

Sir Ian Blair resigns!

My position is clear. Sir Ian Blair should not have resigned. That is a tragic error.

Left leaning twits have accused the Conservative party of making things party political. This is tosh.

Sir Ian Blair should have been sacked, long ago for dragging his office into politics, and indeed so should have this government, for dragging the police into politics especially over various bits of anti terrorism legislation.

The fascinating thing was watching Chris Huhne's comments. he basically said that if Blair did not have the confidence of London's mayor, he should go. The reason for this approach is obvious. It distances the Liberal Democrats from a direct link to the ousting of a pratt, whilst supporting it, because Liberal Democrats have also been irritated by Ian Blair dragging his office into politics.

So when New Labour freaks (and anyone who is still new Labour is a freak) shout about us Conservatives dragging the police into politics, perhaps they might consider how they have dragged them in first.

For my first article on why he should go see here.


Andrew Allison said...

I wish he had been sacked too, although watching the newspaper review on Sky News this morning, I understand he has managed to secure a tax-free lump sum of £500K, with a pension of over £100K per annum.

This is yet another example of someone doing a bad job and benefiting. Thank God he's gone though.

Benedict White said...

Yes, it is amasing how people get payoffs when they have not covered themselves in glory. Not good.

That said it is good that he has gone. He was too involved in politics which is very bad for the police service.