Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sir Ian Blair, The Metropolitan Police Chief needs to go

Sir Ian Blair, The Metropolitan Police Chief has been getting involved in politics again. The BBC's report is here.

Members of the Police service are not allowed to be involved in political activity, yet this pratt just does not know when to shut up.

He gave a speech in Germany yesterday, in which he called for various things, including a review of the 28 day detention period without charge for terror suspects.

Some of what he said does have merit, however you either want to live in a state where the Police can take to the airwaves to side with on party in a political debate or you don't.

I do not want to live in a police state, do you?

The gibbering idiot Metropolitan Police Chief said in an interview with the BBC after the speech that in the case of the plane bombing plot that they just made it with 24 suspects, they might not have with 48. Doh! They made it within the deadline because the deadline was there. If it was longer, they would have taken longer.

We need this sort of political intervention from the Police like we need a hole in the head. He must go!

Update 02:10

I forgot to mention that Sir pratt Ian mentioned how German prosecutors could hold people for up to a year without charge, obviously he has no idea of why we lay poppies at this time of year.


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