Friday, November 10, 2006

Cash for peerages It's all our fault - Official!

I was just going to provide a little bit of commentary and link to the various stories on the Internet when I came across this master piece in the Daily Torygraph Telegraph.

Apparently Lord Cashpoint Levy blames us Conservatives for giving him the idea of loans! He is said to now wish he had never heard of these things!

Cheeky git!

However the story does also say:

"It was Labour's decision to deliberately withhold details of its £14 million from the election authorities in contrast to the Tories that has put the party at the centre of the current investigation."

Make of that what you will.

Meanwhile Mike Smithson of dug up these two gems from the Libdemograph Independent, here and here. The second is a comment article you have to pay to read. Hmm.. When you can get lots of informed comment on the internet why pay?

The first article alleges that only Tony Blair and Ian McCartney new of the loans scandal as it was happening. rather more amusingly Labour are worried that Tony Blair may become the main focus of the inquiry.

What did they think was going to happen?

Also apparently some Downing street staff are being very helpful. Good!

From what I can see of the comment article Matthew Norman thinks Tony is quaking in No 10. I suspect he is right there.

Apparently in unrelated news (yeah right!) Lord Sainsbury, Labours biggest donor has resigned as Minister for Science. Guido got to the news first, here, followed by the MSM later. This is being spun as going for personal reasons. Does he want to be able to flee the country with out his police minders?

You can read the Telegraphs article here, BBC here, and Evening Standard here.

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