Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld resigns!


Donald Rumsfeld the incompetent pratt Secretary for Defence of the United States has resigned. Good. You can read the BBC's article here.

Donald is a very clever man. He calculated very well the exact amount of troops and equipment to defeat the Iraqi army of Saddam Husein. Unfortunately he was just to stupid to realise that winning the war was only the minutest part of the task, and that winning the peace is what counts.

He was advised about the recklessness of his proposed course by experienced generals. He did not like what they said so retired them. It is without doubt that the mess in Iraq is largely his fault. However George W Bush's judgement has to be questioned. Rumsfeld should have been sent packing long ago.

I wrote an article on why we are in this mess in Iraq here. Below is a summary from that article of what coalition forces failed to do.

  • The coalition forces failed to impose martial law when they captured areas, because they just did not have the men or the will.
  • They failed to plan to have a working police force.
  • They made 500,000 armed men unemployed.
  • They failed to guard the ammunition dumps.
  • They failed to guard the borders.
  • They failed to understand who the losers would be in the liberation of Iraq.
  • They made political blunders of epic proportions.
The blood of many coalition troops, and Iraqi's civilians or otherwise is on Rumsfeld's hands.

Lastly a Conservative government should be competent, fiscally prudent and pragmatic. The current US administration is none of these things. I look forward to a proper conservative government in the US in 2008.

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