Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have just changed to a 3 column template

I did that mainly because I wanted to move things like topic labels up and add some other things to the side bar without having it disappear so far down the page where no one would read it.

Does it look OK? Please feel free to leave comments.


Courtney Hamilton said...

That's a really great trick, I'd love to know the secret so I can vamp-up my blog a bit. I don't like messing with the template until I'm sure of what I'm doing.

I've only managed to change my header a few weeks ago, and I have to say it's an improvement, even if I have to say so myself.

So if you could let me in to the secret of a 3 colume template, it would be greatly appreciated. I think any improvement on the basic template is a good thing.

Benedict White said...

I couldn't posibly tell you that! I had to sacrifice three chickens to get it right!

Actually I have another blog which shows the links I followed. See:

The template I used is good for beta. If you want an old style template look at the link to the post on google.

When you have found a template you like, save your current one, then download the new one to your PC, and upload it to google.

It will lose all of your widgets (if you are on beta) so you will have to re add them.

Also if you have a classice template you will also lose all your links though that can be fixed if you take a back up first.

email me if you need help.

Ted said...

Didn't get any annoying pop ups but had to hit reload key as it hung for a while. Using a Mac with Safari but had no probs with your old layout.

Benedict White said...

Many thanks for the heads up Ted.

The reason for the change in layout is that as the sidebars grow it will force stuff so far down that no one will read them.

Specificaly I wanted to bring the labels section up to make things easier for people to find. I will have to see how that works out.

Innocent Abroad said...

That annoying pop-up wasn't there this time...

Benedict White said...

many thanks Innocent Abroad. Is there anything different between now and then at your end? because it is all the same at my end. (I wish it was consistent)

Innocent Abroad said...

At my end, no.

This time I came in I got a different pop-up ad :oops: - didn't stay to look see what it was, though

Benedict White said...

many thanks again Innocent Abroad. I have now changed something, I suspect you won't get another today, but if you could try tomorrow and let me know I would be very grateful.