Friday, November 10, 2006

The Mess in Iraq, It's all our fault - Official!

Yesterday watching Channel 4's 7 O'clock news I happened across an interview with former Assistant Secretary of Defence Ken Adelman. You know the one, the fella who kept popping up saying how well it was going, and how right it was.

Well tonight he blamed us for the mess. I have written about why we are in this mess in Iraq here.

Ken's says we should have known that L. Paul Bremer was making mistakes and should have done something about it.

We should have resisted the various mistakes made. Like making 500,000 armed men unemployed.

What a cheeky yank!

But he is right. We have experience in these things the Americans lack, and we should have said do it our way or we pull the plug. End of.

Meanwhile in other news Donald Rumsfeld the former incompetent pratt Secretary of State for endangering America Defence has said the problem is the USA has not got the historic experience of dealing with occupation and insurgency. Two things I'd like to say.

  1. Why not listen to the State Department's 900 page plan instead of tossing it in the bin.
  2. Ask the worlds authority on occupying land, the British Government.
Just goes to show what an arrogant pratt Donald is really.

Bit cheeky to blame it on us though.

Lastly I have heard several interviews over the last few days explaining away the mess in Iraq and they all seem to refer to the points I raised in this article, which are listed below:

  • The coalition forces failed to impose martial law when they captured areas, because they just did not have the men or the will.
  • They failed to plan to have a working police force.
  • They made 500,000 armed men unemployed.
  • They failed to guard the ammunition dumps.
  • They failed to guard the borders.
  • They failed to understand who the losers would be in the liberation of Iraq.
  • They made political blunders of epic proportions.
Thing is that the State department and many Generals in the Pentagon saw this before the war, as indeed did I. Not rocket science is it?


Ellee said...

A pity it has taken so long to get rid of Rumsfeld when it was so clear to everyone else. And what exactly has Margaret Beckett done?

Benedict White said...

Yes it is Ellee. He should have gone before the war when it was clear he would not listen to any of his generals unless they agreed with him, and then also gone just after the invasion when he said "stuff happens" about the looting. What an arrogant man.

What has Becket done? Some caravaning? Can't see anything else useful