Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Union under threat

Well according to this article in the Telegraph its all over for the United Kingdom.

More than half of all respondents either side of the Scottish English border want rid of the Union.

As a Conservative and Unionist this breaks my heart. We have to ask how we got here and more importantly how we move forward.

It seems clear to me why we have lost the plot. The Conservative party was a massive force in Scotland before Margaret Thatcher, but after the poll tax was tried on them first that is no longer the case.

Labour have also been politically opportunistic in favouring devolution.

We are now in the most ridiculous of situations. Firstly the Scots feel rightly betrayed that in the Thatcher years policies were tried there first regardless of how Scotland's MP's voted, and now under Blair the English feel the same way, with Scottish MP's passing laws on England that their constituents will never have to endure.

Meanwhile the SNP stir it up, with their LA cheer leader and by far the worst James Bond in my view their ever Scottish and no way any kind of actor Sean Connery blathers on. (If you want to see a real Scottish Actor see David Tenant. if you are a Dr Who fan you would never ever know he was Scottish until you heard him being interviewed. That man can act, Sean can't)

I have to say I don't know what to do, but I just would not start from here.


Anonymous said...

It is up to the Scots to decide whether they wish to the end of the present Union or be part of the world community as an independent country. I do hope they chose the latter.

Anonymous said...

poles apart:-
when a partner in a forced-marriage does not love the other why should they be forced to stay together in a charade.
Each side hates the other,..there is no mythical close bond.(likewise the UK and USA).
The Southerners in the UK have no worthy connection with those of the upper northern regions,..the closest they get to bonding with each other is via the TV watching Billy Connerly or some poncy nonce boy-dope from Oxford, surrey, sussex, kent etc,...