Thursday, November 09, 2006

Evening Standard gets it wrong in Cash for Peerages scandal!

In today's online edition of the Evening Standard (The article is dated the 8th though) there is an article with the head line:

Blair to escape indignity of first PM to be quizzed by police

It is an interesting article rehashing quite a lot of what we already knew. the body of the article indicates that the Police will not hand over the file to the CPS until 2007, and it will take the CPS several months to decide whether to charge or not. They contend (Possibly wrongly) that Blair will go in May. He might, but all he has actually promised is not to be leader by the time of the next party conference. That is all fair enough, but it seems to me that the Police WILL quiz Tony Blair before they hand over the file to the CPS, which then seems to be early 2007, in other words before May.

Would be nice if journalists read what they write. Us bloggers don't get paid they do.

There is of course more news on Guido's blog here.

UPDATE 16.13

I have just checked, and that was in yesterdays paper edition. Today's paper edition would like to correct the idea that TB is consulting lawyers. Apparently he isn't. It would also like to say that Tony may be the first PM since Lloyd George to be quizzed by the police, except that's wrong too. The law was passed after Lloyd George ceased to be PM. Nice to know they are trying hard to be accurate.

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