Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Thanks be to the mercy of God

I know I am a soppy old git, but I did fear for obvious reasons for the safety of the innocent people abducted in Bagdhad this morning.

I am so pleased to hear that they have all been freed unharmed (ish) that it brings tears to my eyes.

More importantly it looks like arrests have been made.

I have written much on why Iraq is in this mess, but I do hope and pray that Iraq gets out of it. Iraqi's are good and brave people, of whom I know a few.

I read a report from the New York times once of 1948, of the bravery of Iraqi volunteers who whilst out numbered and outgunned fought to the very last man to defend the village they said they would defend during the Naqba (or Israeli war of Independence depending which way you look at it). They can be very very brave.

Iraq does not deserve or need this shit, and I hope and pray for their deliverance.

You can read the BBC report on the good news here.


Ellee said...

My sentiments exactly, and it's good to remember those Iraqis who are also brave.

Benedict White said...

Yes. I can't say I was that moved when I heard about the kidnapping as you just know what is going to happen next.

I got emotional with releif when I heard they had been freed. I was not expecting that.