Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Labour Spam

A little while before the last election I visited the Labour party website, and found a section where they promised to tell me how much public services have improved since 1997.

Keeping an eye on the local press and community I knew they were talking rubbish, but wanted to find out what they had to say.

I had to enter my postcode, (fair enough they need to know where abouts I am) and unfortunately an email address.

No where did it indicate that they were going to send emails to that email address. Yet they do. It is unsolicited. It is spam.

There is an unsubscribe link, which I would use had I actually subscribed, but as I have not, I won't.

Now, I know a bit about spam. I work in it quite a lot and also report spammers quite a lot.

If Labour continue to send me spam email, I will have them blacklisted. So if you know any one at Labour HQ, tell them to do opt in, or all their mail will end up getting blocked by RBL's and the like.

They can't say they have not been warned.

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