Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What happens here is the future of the world's security in the 21st century


Any chance of some more kit?





I have just read this from the BBC on Tony Blair's visit to Afghanistan. We already know that he communicates with his commanders in the field by the press megaphone, we also know that the only way they think they can reply is also by the press megaphone. You can read my article on the subject here.

It is just a bit of a shame Tony has only just noticed.

Having said that I like this quote:

"So what do you do?" Tony Blair asked one of the snipers, lined up to represent the garrison for a 90-minute trip to Camp Bastion.

He looked down at his long-barrelled rifle, shrugged as if to say "what do you think?"

No, go on Tony, tell us what you think a sniper does with a snipers rifle?


Ellee said...

How can our troops feel valued if they are exected to perform their duties without the correct equipment that could help save lives, it's totally inhumane not to provide the basics and expect them to work in those terrible conditions.

Benedict White said...

Yes I agree Ellee.

However, it is remarkable is it not that Tony Blair can see the importance of the job, without understanding the importance of resourcing it properly.

Anonymous said...

there is no "importance of the job". Blair and Bush con the public into beleiving Europe and the USA will be safe from "terrorist attack".
While for the last 70 yaers the USA has been conquered by the Italian, Jewish and Hispanic mafia's.
The FBI and CIA have never once succeded ineradicating these menaces to society, orto democracy. In fact it has been proven the CIA uses all those groups to import and sell cocaine for use on USA streets and ghetto's. The UK is no different,..Afghanistan is not the problem. The problem is the seedy, sic corrupt "security" and law-enforcement bozo's who dictate to us all about what is good for us and whats good for the world