Sunday, November 12, 2006

Cash for Peerages, Sunday morning update.


The Sunday Torygraph Telegraph seems to have caught up with the Yates of the Yard letters to Ministers here, but it's angle or rather headline is "Yates offers ministers a way to clear their names" whilst the story seems a bit of rehash of this article on my blog, inspired by Channel 4 news. That is to say, Yates is making very sure no one has any last minute recollections during a trial.

However the article does seem to confirm that speculation, but also adds to the thinking on the loan issue. The report does say Tony Blair will be interviewed under caution but not arrested.

On the loans issue, Tony is to claim that the party needed the loans from private individuals because it could not get them from banks. The Sunday Times claims otherwise here. Guido has many articles on why Labour can't get money from banks, and in and of itself that excuse is fair enough, until you remember that many people who made the loans were prepared to offer donations not loans. Guido has also covered that before, but in this article by the Sunday Times, the drift is that Tony Blair told the NEC that the loans were needed because there was no cash. Spot the lie error?

The Sunday Times article also seems to try to draw Gordon Brown into the scandal a bit as well. Mind you there has been speculation in the blogosphere that Gordon can't deny all knowledge as he ended up being election supremo. Alan Milburn can't be that happy either.

The LibDemograph Independent on Sunday appears to have no news here, essentially rehashing how or why loans to Labour in the 2005 accounts were not declared in the 2004 accounts. It claims to have "experts" who say that it should have been mentioned. I remain to be convinced. It is also claimed that this story is an exclusive despite the fact that this stuff has been out for ages, in some parts of the MSM but also all over the blogosphere. Yates is also apparently now considers Tony Blair to be pivotal in the investigation. Between you and me I think Yates thought that last week, or possibly the week before , but I may be wrong.

The Fascist Mail on Sunday on the other hand goes with Downing Streets fury over how long the investigation is taking, and Police leaks, as well as how Yates of the Yard seems to be looking for bodies. Bizarre surely?

Firstly the government has been leaking left right and center on this, so it is more than a bit rich to moan about leaks, secondly this sort of investigation, if done properly will always take a bit of time, and thirdly the evidence seems to be leading to Tony Blair, so what do you think the police should do? They can't very well look at the usual suspects can they? There are not any for this sort of offence. Its not shoplifting after all.

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