Monday, November 06, 2006

Reid wins battle with Brown over Queens speech

According to Martha Kearney on BBC2's Newsnight, Dr John "Comrade" Reid has got the Queens speech focusing on security.

The Queens speech deals with the Governments legislation program for the coming year.

What new laws do we need? Killing people has been against the law since Babylonian times. Conspiracy to Murder since the 1861 Offences against the people act (Also murder is in there too).

Security is a matter of executive action not parliamentary action. There are plenty of laws out there to deal with the threats we face. The only issue there may be is changing the rules of evidence in court so that we can use our own wire tap evidence rather than having to use Belgian stuff.

You therefor have to assume that what is going to be in the Queen's speech is a mindless pointless attack on civil liberties which will further alienate disaffected Muslims, whilst executive inaction keeps us unsafe in our beds at night.

Fantastic! You could not make it up.

In further news, ID cards to save the world before breakfast. Sounds fantastic I know, but it is substantially more plausible than the claims the Government makes for them.


Ellee said...

Security is important, but should not be the main issue of the Queen's Speech, it could further alienate Muslims anyway.

Benedict White said...

Yes security is important. However it seems we are about to get more new laws. I can't see that we need them, we need action which is very very different from passing laws.

In that sense I can't see that anything on security need be in the Queen's speech.

Anonymous said...

when is your old site starting up again benedict,..that was much better than this blogger abortion. more easy on the eye and to navigate

Benedict White said...

Well Anonymous, there is an email me link on my blog, so email me.

That said, if you can track down any of the old crew, i can get something up and running. I still know how to run a news server :)