Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lord David Owen is a Liar

I have just heard an interview with Lord David "hide in a corner" Owen on the shambles in Iraq. Apparently he supported the war but thinks its a mess.

On that point we agree.

He thinks that this is worse than Suez and as bad as Gallipoli. He also found it wrong that we can't have an inquiry. There I agree.

He then went on the allege that whilst he as a member of the SDP and behind the Falklands war he, and indeed all opposition parties wanted an inquiry into that which they got.

This is where I have a problem. I remember watching this pratt say before the fleet got to work in the liberation of the Falklands, saying that we had lost the Falklands and we might as well give up.

Well that is what you get with these people. Founding father of the Lib Dems. No surprise at his mendacity then.


Anonymous said...

Hate to ruin your last line there, but David Owen was decidely not involved in the creation of the Lib Dems...

Benedict White said...

Sorry? Was he not leader of the SDP when it merged with the Liberals to become the Liberal Democrats?

SBS said...

No he was not. He resigned the leadership, and Bob Maclennan became leader. Owen voted against merger, and never joined the LDs. Apparently, though, he did vote LD tactically in 1997.