Friday, November 03, 2006

Comrade Reid Fisked by the Register

Just thought I would share this article from the venerable tech and indeed ID related E-Paper The Register.

Look at this article which Fisk's the government totally.

Here is a quote:

"Quality control issues at the Ministry of Truth & Fear? To shore up his speech to the Society of Spook gear Suppliers yesterday Home Secretary John Reid produced some impressive (but strangely implausible) numbers showing the devastating effect the UK security services are having on terrorism. But by bizarre coincidence (?), on Monday Tony McNulty, Home Office Minister for tags, shackles and prison hulks, trotted out numbers covering precisely the same territory.

But, ahem, they're different! Comrade Reid thanked the Plod on our behalf for its efforts: "On behalf of the nation I am delighted to pay tribute to our police, judicial, security and armed services for their great work and unstinting sacrifices. For example, from 9 September 2001 to 30 September 2006 there have been 387 people charged under the Terrorism Act and other criminal legislation..."

Go read the article. It is worth it.


Ted said...

shame our national media lazily accept spin rather than question / investigate what is said.

Benedict White said...

Yes Ted that is very much the case. Our media seem to have turned off their brains.